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Partnering with UneeQ

As the conversational AI category continues to grow ($17B by 2025, according to Adroit Market Research), now is a great time to learn how digital humans are impacting our world as well as how they can help create new revenue.

Whether you are focused on writing conversational intent, diving into NLG, selling a chatbot service or just interested in creating the next new digital experience, our partner program was created to embrace the large tech ecosystem that supports a digital human experience.

The digital human ecosystem

A digital human is only one ingredient in the development of next-generation digital experiences. Our partners bring together their own technology and expertise to build game-changing solutions that solve real customer problems.

Our partner program provides access to revenue-generating opportunities, as well as world-class resources, knowledge, and an ecosystem of growing experts to maximize your competitive advantage.

Find the partner program that’s right for you

  • Technology partners

    Technology partners

    Sometimes it takes a village. Building digital experiences can encompass several different technologies to create a masterpiece.

    Our technology partners help resource our customers’ needs by adding that special ingredient, your services in this case, to complete their digital human vision.

    -> Deliver a component, consult or provide a service required for the creation of a digital human solution.

    -> Bring digital humans to life through an active role in our customer and partner ecosystem.


  • Consulting partners

    Consulting partners

    Bring your tech vision to life. Generate a new revenue stream by commercializing digital humans into your current solution or service.

    Work alongside us to build and implement cutting-edge human-to-machine solutions that can help grow revenue and create a competitive advantage.

    -> Introduce digital humans to your customers – design, develop and deploy pre-built end-to-end digital human solutions.

    -> Create a digital human showcase – sign up to bring your ideas to life.


  • Referral partners

    Referral partners

    If you want to start small, we have the plan for you.

    Our referral program gives thanks for putting our name forward into your trusted network.

    -> Introduce our sales team to your network and get recognized with cash, or even better; UneeQ account credits.


  • “Our partnership with UneeQ continues to grow thanks to their personable and professional approach. Our ability to position UneeQ enables our clients to seamlessly enhance their CX delivery strategy with a digital human.”
  • “With our AskZeno chatbot we introduced conversational commerce and an integration point with enterprise collaboration platforms, and we believe UneeQ's digital human is the next evolution of that.”

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