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What are digital humans?

Not that long ago, people served people. Your doctor, your bank manager, you customer support were all people. They solved problems with empathy and a smile, positively representing the brands they worked for.

But humans proved to be costly and unscalable, so businesses turned to digital means. Increasingly, you serve your own needs online, or talk to a chatbot about your health, finances or to solve your support requests. But where did the empathy, the experience, the brand and the smile go?

What happened to the human touch?

Digital humans are the only innovation today that pieces together the emotional connection of people and the speed and scale of digital.

And if you’re still unsure what we mean, our free eBook will tell you a lot more about making a huge leap in brand and customer experience.



COVID-19 digital human advisor

Not everyone can read or understand medical or government websites. In fact, health literacy is a significant problem across America, with roughly 22% of adults exhibiting basic health literacy skills.

As a result, when pandemics or the spread of infectious diseases occur, the lack of understanding and comprehension can often lead to misinformation, increased anxiety and higher stress levels across populations. And in severe circumstances fear and panic.

Sophie, our COVID-19 advisor, was designed to take some of the strain away from real people by answering some of the most common questions around the Coronavirus, pulling real-time and up-to-date information from trusted sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Get the full case study covering Sophie’s creation, and how she continues to learn and adapt while providing the most relevant, timely information.



Laws of ethical digital human design

Digital humans today play a part in how we live, work and manage our health, as we talk to, confide in and hold actual conversations with them.

Over the next few years, they’ll slip seamlessly into virtually every part of our lives to help us in countless other ways – that is, if digital humans are designed with a set of principles in mind.

The #5Laws have been created to bring out the best in our digital population, as well as deter real people from designing AI to mislead, to spread fake news and to cause other types of harm and distress.

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