Creating amazing customer experience in the telecommunications industry.

The top 10 telecommunication companies in the world have brands worth in excess of $460 billion. Vodafone is one of them, and it’s important their customers feel comfortable interacting with their brand across all touchpoints.

It’s these big global companies in particular who have to make sure they’re not leaving any brand equity on the table, ensuring that customers are seeing their brand exactly as intended. A big part of that is customer experience.

But how can a digital solution be as friendly, approachable and frankly on-brand as an employee you’d meet in any Vodafone store?

Well, meet Vodafone’s AI digital human!

She lives in select Vodafone stores and helps customers manage their pre-paid plans. She’ll welcome you with a smile and take you through an entire transaction—even printing you a receipt should you make a purchase – all through the art of natural conversation.

Conversational AI in telecommunications is powerful, but it’s much more valuable when there’s a brand and a face behind it.