Noel Leeming

A truly digital, brand-aligned and in-store retail experience that puts the customer first.

As part of the largest retail group in New Zealand launching a new flagship technology and appliance store, Noel Leeming approaches customer experience in an exciting new way—with their own digital human.

Nola lives in the Westfield Newmarket store in Auckland, where she acts as a concierge with a big virtual difference.

She greets customers who approach her and then holds a conversation to help them find what they’re looking for. From types of televisions to specific brands of headphones—and everything in between—Nola gives users on-screen and conversational help to make the in-store customer journey streamlined and much more engaging.

Nola can then find a member of staff to complete a purchase, if the customer wishes, taking a name and informing an available member of staff that the customer is waiting.

And best of all, she does all this as the human embodiment of the Noel Leeming brand—in fact, she lives and breathes Noel Leeming. She helps countless people throughout the day, and she does so with consistency and a big smile. Unless you want a discount on Apple products; then you’re likely to see her cheeky side.