Digital Einstein

On the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein winning the Nobel Prize for Physics, one of the smartest minds and most recognizable personalities in modern history steps back into the fray.

Launched in April 2021, Digital Einstein is a showcase of what’s possible through experiential AI – when personality-led interactions are put in front of people with a job to educate and engage.

The start of the decade was marked by social isolation and (for many) loneliness. Digital Einstein launched as a virtual companion, to give people an engaging, entertaining face-to-face chat, whenever they need one.

A tribute to the Nobel Prize recipient, Digital Einstein was made with the support of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – an institution Albert Einstein (the real one) co-founded in 1918.

Digital Einstein was designed to engage with people in a number of ways. You can ask him about his life, views and seminal work in the field of physics. You can pose him any science question and he’ll try and find an answer using WolframAlpha’s educational knowledge base. Or you can take his daily quiz and learn something new about a subject of your choice.

As a showcase of what’s possible today with experiential AI, Digital Einstein exceeded our expectations and engagement KPIs:

Digital Einstein was made possible thanks to some incredible partners, who you can learn more about here.