From concept to creation, Rachel has launched in record time to transform the way people interact with the mortgage industry.

You may recognize Rachel. She’s one of the digital human personas available through UneeQ Creator. But Rachel is different. She’s the first digital human to service customers in the US mortgage sector, and has been implemented by the industry pioneers at InstaMortgage (formerly Arcus Lending) – in record time.

In less than two months, Rachel has been trained to become a mortgage industry expert deployed online where she now puts her skills to use serving countless numbers of customers with engaging, natural face-to-face conversation.

Around the clock, she answers customers’ questions, and can explain often-complex mortgage terms in plain language. And because she’s available 24/7 and will never judge anyone for asking “silly” questions, she’s able to provide the next level of conversational AI experience, while helping to build her customers’ financial literacy.

The speed of Rachel’s deployment was made possible due to our growing partner ecosystem. InstaMortgage began with no pre-built NLP; meaning our team was able to recommend a number of great companies who could take on the conversation design and development work. AI design firm Spark 64 took the lead on the NLP, which made Rachel’s record-breaking implementation possible.

We love it when a plan comes together!