Southern Cross

Because health insurance needs a human touch, even when it’s done digitally.

Of all the sectors where the human touch still matters, healthcare is perhaps the most significant. People need information in a way that shows empathy, connection, and care; many also need the nuances of healthcare explained to them in plain language. That’s where Aimee from Southern Cross comes in.

In New Zealand, Southern Cross Health Society understands that care comes first. More than half (56%) of adults have health literacy below what’s needed to meet the demands of everyday life. That number jumps to around four in five for the country’s Maori population.

It’s one issue Aimee is aiming to help fix at Southern Cross, by being constantly available to New Zealanders and explaining health insurance through simple “face to face” conversation.

Aimee’s looks, mannerisms, and personality were co-designed to make her a true-blue Kiwi—friendly and approachable—so people feel comfortable coming to her with questions, whatever their background. You may not even know she is a digital human!

On any device and whenever people need her, Aimee’s job is to empower Kiwis to make the best health insurance decisions and to help people live their healthiest lives as their virtual health assistant accessible anytime.