Asia’s leading telecommunications company employs Stella to provide a more personalized retail shopping experience.

Stella is the face of Singtel’s innovative 5G retail stores, Unboxed, where she handles end-to-end customer transactions using her deep product knowledge and the most human of characteristics – a friendly conversation and a warm smile.

Singtel’s Unboxed stores, which you’ll find around Singapore, create a future-worthy shopping experience from end to end, powered by state-of-the-art 5G technology. And while these stores are completely unmanned, customers still get a human experience thanks to Stella.

Stella uses open-ended conversation to offer customers a 24/7, contactless and conversational experience. Customers can top up their mobiles or buy prepaid cards, sign up for Singtel mobile, fiber broadband or TV subscriptions, get instant SIM card replacements, and much more.

She communicates in a personal way, using natural language, a friendly tone of voice, and facial expressions and body language, as a human retail assistant does. 

The flexibility of the UneeQ platform allows Stella to be integrated into the wider Unboxed store, so she can work seamlessly with many of the other cutting-edge technologies available to customers.

The future of retail is here – and it brings the best of both digital and human together.