A digital human twin of co-founder and rugby legend Sir John Kirwan, who’s always available to give mental health support.

You may know Sir John Kirwan as one of the greatest rugby players of all time, or as the co-founder of mental health company Mentemia. But have you met his digital human self?

Our team worked with JK, Mentemia and our conversational AI partners at Ako to develop a lifelike recreation of the All Blacks legend, whose sole purpose is to give people support around their mental health – whenever they need it.

Digital John Kirwan (or DJK) lives on the Mentemia app, where users can access him in a couple of clicks. His specialty is guiding users to a better night’s sleep – the type that’s so integral to our mental and physical wellbeing.

DJK can help users develop a sleep-improvement plan, he can offer tips to get a better night’s rest and he can answer a range of questions people might have around their sleep behavior. The help DJK provides is all backed up by science, pulling his expertise from thousands of sources of information as well as the applied knowledge of Mentemia’s clinicians and psychological experts.

DJK looks and sounds like the real thing, and was created through photometric scanning and high-quality audio capture of Sir John Kirwan. He lives on the UneeQ platform, giving people access to a personalized conversation and interaction with the sporting great. 

But importantly, JK’s digital human twin will never judge users, nor share their information with anyone else, allowing people to open up more. After all, he’s just here to be a positive partner for improving everyone’s mental wellbeing.