What are digital humans?

Scalable, efficient, personalized customer experience

Super Brain

‘Super brain’

Digital humans enable customers with access to accurate information quickly.


Immediate connection

Digital humans are ‘always on’ and ready to serve, regardless of demand.


Available anywhere

Customers can interact with digital humans across channels; on desktop, mobile, tablet or in-kiosk.

Only 7% of great communication is made up of the words we say

– the rest is how we say it using tone of voice and body language. Digital humans can see and listen to users to understand the meaning behind the words. They can then use their own tone of voice and body language to create lifelike human conversations.

No other digital solution offers this today.

Give your customers a reason to smile again

Our digital human platform lets you design and launch AI-powered brand ambassadors that can recreate the best aspects of human interaction – tone, conversation and expression – to drive emotional connection.


Explore how businesses like yours are improving their customer experience by bringing the human touch back to digital.


UneeQ Creator

Design, develop and deploy your own digital human in a matter of minutes. No PhD necessary. If you can dream it, you can build it.


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Digital humans in action

Right now, digital humans are being deployed as brand ambassadors, digital influencers, customer support representatives and healthcare advisors to name a few. Everything from their unique appearance to their personalities are being co-designed to create the most positive, lasting impact on users.

Customer Assistant

Health insurance needs a human touch, on any device, and at any time. Find out how Southern Cross Health Society created their digital human customer assistant.


Sales Concierge

When retail went digital, the human touch became a greater (and rarer) commodity. Here’s how digital humans are changing what’s possible.


Financial Advisor

When time is money, UBS’s Chief Economist found he could do a lot more with an AI-powered digital human meeting his clients, too.


The world’s best companies use UneeQ to improve their CX.

“We’re giving customers a whole new way to interact with their online home loan application and completely challenging the perception of a digital bank.”

Lee Hatton
Chief Executive Officer, UBank

How digital humans work

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Developing a digital human

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