UneeQ x AWS

A true evolution in customer experience, in partnership with AWS and UneeQ

Digital humans are the next generation of interactive digital interfaces, connected into an ecosystem of technology and partners to transform customer care.

UneeQ’s digital human platform, seamlessly integrated into the AWS technology portfolio, shifts the needle on customer experience. This allows organizations to realize powerful brand capital and emotional connection, while providing a joined-up, seamless experience – connecting their people with their customers through the whole CX journey.

The world’s top brands put their trust in UneeQ to connect their customers with a next-generation digital interface. Together we create amazing experiences for their customers, partners, and employees.

Supercharging the customer experience with the power of personality

Organizations have been thrown into the digital-first era, with many of them not having a complete strategy of how to leverage brand capital in that process to stay connected to their customers and differentiate.

Two in three (66%) companies now compete on experience alone. These companies outperform competitors by 80%.

UneeQ enables organizations to differentiate through service, and extend their service offering. We do this by providing deeper and stronger digital interactions that accentuate our customers’ brand and voice. Digital humans bring humanity into the interface between people and machines. 

Using an integrated approach throughout the customer journey allows digital humans to act as customer ambassadors, sales assistants, trainers, customer service and support representatives. All of this, while connecting data into a humanlike interface, gives you the opportunity to build a service experience like never before.

Drive engagement through the entire customer journey

70% of end users demonstrate a positive emotional response when talking to a digital human

A single ‘brain’ drives all digital interactions, supported by a connected contact centre

Deliver tailor-made experiences, leveraging brand equity to assist customers to buy, and be serviced

Transform your customer experience

Streamline customer service through an engaging triage experience like never before

Gather data on customer sentiment and identify opportunities for customers to self serve

Reduce handle times with effective, seamless transfers into the right department and people, first time

Your brand, your face, your personality!

Use an off-the-shelf digital human, or create your own from scratch

Leverage brand personality to build an emotional connection, and create a point of difference

Enable your organization to communicate with customers at any time of the day, in any language

Meet Inteso – A Digital Human

Built through a partnership between Consegna and UneeQ, Inteso communicates with people in a way that comes most naturally – using conversation, human expressions, and emotional responses to enhance engagement and move customer transactions to customer interactions.

Created in the AWS cloud, Inteso uses advanced artificial intelligence services such as Amazon Lex and Polly to enable natural language conversations and understanding across a variety of languages and voice personas.

UneeQ x Inteso x AWS

Inteso can utilize other AWS services such as Amazon Kendra and Amazon Connect, handing conversations off to real humans if and as needed, and can integrate with other systems such as omnichannel social media platforms, CRM, content management, request and service management, booking management and other sources of data to meet a wide variety of uses, such as:

  • Contact center and customer service
  • Customer acquisition and onboarding
  • Guided advice, recommendations, and FAQs
  • Augmented communications and customer contact
  • Digital healthcare and wellbeing assistants
  • Form and documentation completion

Consegna and UneeQ can help your organization design, develop and deploy new digital customer experiences based on your brand, market, audience, and use cases, creating emotional engagement and enhancing your customer interactions.

  • “Our partnership with UneeQ continues to grow thanks to their personable and professional approach. Our ability to position UneeQ enables our clients to seamlessly enhance their CX delivery strategy with a digital human.”

Visit the AWS marketplace and explore:

Inteso – A Digital Human


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