Product Expert

Well informed customers are happy customers. But how do you engage with people online in a consistent, reliable, engaging and dynamic way? Conversational AI offers a new way to build trust, loyalty and customer value in a digital world.

The power of product expertise


…of people want brands to use their power to educate them and make them into more informed consumers.


…of people say knowledgeable, fast and friendly service are the most important parts of the customer experience.


…of people want a compassionate connection that communicates empathy and support from brands.

Today’s consumers are more savvy and well informed than ever before. Those who can work to educate their customers are in a great place to build trust, loyalty and long-term customer value.

But that’s easier said than done. Brands need to know how best to educate their customers in a digital world. Some of the best at this are in-store staff, who’ve been trained to know products inside out – but they don’t scale with demand.

On the other side of the coin are digital solutions, like website FAQs, chatbots and information manuals – but these are often incredibly disengaging and rather lifeless. UneeQ Product Experts are designed to offer the best of both worlds.

What are UneeQ Product Experts?

UneeQ Product Experts are AI-powered digital humans who can hold real-time engaging conversations with customers, helping to educate them using their virtual IQ.

The brain of a digital human can be driven by any product database, knowledge base, NLP or chatbot engine. It means they can offer customers expertly curated tips and guidance that’s always on script, 24/7, without them having to wait.

But perhaps importantly, digital humans do so using the most time-tested and universal interface that’s ever existed – face-to-face interaction. They can communicate with non-verbal cues, like facial expressions or tone of voice, to provide a dynamic, emotionally responsive and informative experience, on any digital channel.

Scale the expertise locked away in your organization, and communicate it through a human interface.

Provide fun, informative customer interactions that can show friendliness, empathy, warmth and compassion, depending on context.

Improve understanding and access using multimodal content – speech, text and visuals – and multilingual customer service in 70+ languages.

Embody your brand – your values, personality and voice – and put that front and centre of the product education experience.

Offer an “in person” channel that’s always on (24/7, 365 days a year), always consistent and always on brand.

UneeQ digital humans in action


Nola is a chatbot and a digital human, able to support customers in a range of ways – and always on their terms. She works for Noel Leeming, both in store and online.



Singapore’s leading telco provider employs Stella to help customers find the right plan, top up their mobile phones, and much more. And all through real, engaging conversation.



One of the biggest banks in Australasia, ASB, use Josie as a personable, always-available online specialist when customers need guidance or help with their superannuation accounts.


How do they work?

You provide the expertise, the IQ, and we’ll provide the EQ. UneeQ Product Experts integrate with any knowledge base, database, chatbot or NLP.

This is where the words your digital human speaks is stored.

Our platform then provides the non-verbal cues, the voice and the persona who will deliver your product expertise in real time, around the clock.

For more information, visit our how it works page, or hit the button below and we can take you through it in person.