Adding EQ to your digital interactions

Your customer, staff or patient brings their questions. You bring your NLP. We’ll provide a face-to-face, emotionally engaging experience.


The three pillars of a UneeQ experience

What your users need

Your users interact using a device of their choosing – laptop, mobile, desktop – or via a physical kiosk. All they have to do is speak and interact naturally.

What we bring

We add the EQ. Your digital human can listen, understand and speak with your customer as humans do – using the emotionally driven communication methods of speech and body language to deliver a more human touch.

What you’ll need

Your digital human will draw on the natural language processing (NLP) platform you use to drive your chatbot – the IQ of your interaction. If you don’t yet use one, we can recommend ways to get set up.

The five steps of a digital human interaction

Each interaction your digital human has with users orchestrates all three of the above pillars. So how does that work in real life? Let us take you through how we create natural, flowing conversation, in only five steps.

User interaction icon

Your users interact

Your users can interact with a digital human via any device you (or they) choose – whether that’s digitally through a website, mobile browser or app, or physically on a kiosk.

All they have to do is speak and interact naturally.

DH understands icon

The digital human understands

Your digital human can see and hear the user, employing speech recognition to understand what’s being communicated – as humans do.

Your digital human understands and processes the interaction in a matter of milliseconds.

Your NLP icon

We draw on your NLP

Your digital human integrates with your choice of NLP, conversational AI, chatbot or other knowledge base to find a response.

Our seamless integration with all existing NLP platforms and a huge range of other technologies means your digital human won’t have to think for long to find the right answer.

Orchestration icon

We orchestrate a UneeQ response

Your digital human automates the emotions and facial expressions you’ve chosen for them to respond with – embodied by your choice of either synthetic or customized voice options.

You can custom code the user experience for full control, should you wish, or use our built-in UX tools.

DH speaks

Your digital human speaks back

All of this comes together in the response made by the digital human – be it in speech, visuals text or a combination of each.

Your knowledge is presented in real time, and in a way that’s on-brand, emotionally engaging and well understood.

How to get started

Want to see how it works in real life – for free? UneeQ Creator lets you design, develop and deploy your own digital human employees. No experience, coding or PhD necessary.

Choose from an ever-growing range of pre-built options for how your digital human looks, what he or she sounds like, and the environment they live in. Connect your existing NLP, build a proof of concept and deploy on your website in just a few clicks. Or use our SDKs to integrate into your channel of choice.

Digital humans in action

Right now, digital humans are being deployed as brand ambassadors, digital influencers, customer support representatives and healthcare advisors to name a few. Everything from their unique appearance to their personalities are being co-designed to create the most positive, lasting impact on users.

Customer Assistant

Health insurance needs a human touch, on any device, and at any time. Find out how Southern Cross Health Society created their digital human customer assistant.


Sales Concierge

When retail went digital, the human touch became a greater (and rarer) commodity. Here’s how digital humans are changing what’s possible.


Financial Advisor

When time is money, UBS’s Chief Economist found he could do a lot more with an AI-powered digital human meeting his clients, too.


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