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Conversational AI is a journey, not a destination

As with any technology innovation you may be looking to launch, success comes down to understanding, strategy and implementation.

Digital humans are no different. You’ll want to understand the benefits and challenges, think strategically around determining success, and deploy to perfection. 

This best-practice guide unearths all of this and more, and introduces our four-pillar approach to creating amazing and engaging digital human experiences.

What’s in the eBook?

This eBook delves into the process of designing and developing digital humans from the ground up. Inside you’ll find answers to numerous questions, including a detailed overview of the ‘four pillars’ of any amazing digital human experience:

Personality code: How to create a digital human personality that connects with your audience.

Conversation design: Why you should focus on interactions, not just transactions.

Multimodal UX: How to create an experience harnessing the best of voice and visual interaction.

Personalization: Why interactions should be relevant, seamless, and personal for every end-user.

What do our customers think about digital humans?

Business owners and entrepreneurs who aren’t adopting something like this, I would strongly advise them to take a look. I absolutely feel that this is the next level of interaction between consumers and businesses.


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