UneeQ Companions

Where IQ meets EQ. Conversational AI companions offer a friendly, warm interaction, and a new way to deliver dynamic, digital customer or patient experiences – ones that connect with people on an emotional level.

The impact of loneliness


…greater risk of heart disease


…greater risk of stroke


…greater risk of dementia

Humans are social creatures. Loneliness and social isolation affects us deeply – both physically and mentally. 

And it’s incredibly widespread. More than one-third of adults suffer from loneliness, rising to almost half of those aged 65+. Because many people will be hiding their symptoms from undue embarrassment, you can imagine these figures are almost certainly on the conservative side.

Already overburdened healthcare staff are tasked with seeing patients who are simply lonely or socially isolated, while an AARP study estimates that these two issues alone cost Medicare $6.7 billion annually. For all these reasons and more, it’s time to face the issue head on.

What are UneeQ Companions?

UneeQ Companions use the most time-tested and universal interface that’s ever existed – the human face and voice. We combine that with expressiveness, warmth, empathy, friendliness and everything else that makes real human interactions special.

Your UneeQ Companion provides people with dynamic, diverse, engaging, open-ended and interactive conversations whenever they’re needed. 

These digital humans can give expertly curated help, including tips on coping with loneliness or social isolation. And they can provide indirect support, by simply being a friendly face to speak to, 24/7.

UneeQ Companions aren’t designed to completely solve the problems of loneliness and social isolation. But, by using experiences designed around real human needs, they’re an effort to turn the tide on some of these urgent challenges beyond what is possible by other digital channels.

A digital human is always around, night or day, 365 days a year.

Humanlike conversation, which includes tone of voice, facial expressions, body language and other non-verbal cues.

Real-time, deep conversations about virtually any topic.

High accessibility, using multimodal content – speech, text and visuals – and speaking 70+ languages.

Dynamic interactions like daily quizzes, dietary recommendations or even guidance on how to use prescribed medicines.

UneeQ Companions in action

Digital Einstein

Speak to one of the brightest minds and biggest personalities in history. You can take Digital Einstein’s daily quiz, or ask him about his life, with dynamic, open-ended conversation.



Originally designed to help patients recover from cardiac surgery, Sophie has also been a trusted expert on the COVID-19 pandemic, and now she’s an AI friend who’s ready to chat when needed.


Digital John Kirwan

Mentemia’s co-founder and All Blacks great, Sir John Kirwan, has a digital twin. DJK is your expert sleep coach, available to help you understand your sleep patterns and get a more restful night.


How do they work?

Our digital human companions are powered by conversational AI.

This makes it easy to take any chatbot, natural language processing (NLP) tool or any other similar platform and make it into a digital human.

You provide your expertise put into words; we’ll provide everything else that goes into making a friendly, empathetic and enjoyable human conversation. 

For more information, visit our how it works page, or hit the button below and we can take you through it in person.