Chatbots have taken off. But from a brand, ROI, engagement and experience perspective, we ask: is that the best we can do? AI-powered digital humans offer a different future using the same conversational AI technologies.

Are chatbot-only experiences meeting customer expectations?


…of people say it’s easy to communicate with a chatbot.


…of people say chatbots offer a “good” customer experience.


…of people say chatbots are friendly and approachable.

By 2025, Servion Global predicts that 95% of customer interactions with brands will be through AI – with chatbots expected to make up much of that market.

When you think of chatbots being a crucial touchpoint with your brand, dealing with emotional or frustrated customers, or carrying the digital customer experience, how does that make you feel?

Chatbots have proven to be an excellent stepping stone in transitioning marketing, sales and customer support into an automated, convenient and always-on future. But if we expect chatbots to replace the feeling of being seen, heard and valued by a real person, we’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Going beyond chatbots

UneeQ digital humans aim to solve these core customer experience challenges by using the most time-tested and universal interface that’s ever existed – face-to-face interaction.

Digital humans listen, speak and use a range of non-verbal cues. This allows them to express emotional responses like empathy, excitement and warmth, depending on the context of the conversation.

Emotionally connected customers have a 306% higher lifetime value than merely satisfied customers. To this end, digital humans aim to scale the emotional connection traditionally provided by people in a way chatbots simply never could.

Digital humans align with and embody your brand, from how they look, dress, speak, act and interact.

Scale humanlike conversations that include tone of voice, facial expressions, body language and other non-verbal cues.

Allow your chatbots to flourish at fast, low-value tasks, giving your real people the time to focus on higher-value ones.

Improve access and understanding using multimodal content – speech, text and visuals – and speaking 70+ languages.

Create a competitive advantage: In a world filled with similar chatbots, provide a personality-led, emotive experience no other brand could copy.

UneeQ digital humans in action


Nola is a chatbot and a digital human, able to support customers in a range of ways – and always on their terms. She works for Noel Leeming, one of the biggest retail brands in Australasia, both in store and online.



Innovative mortgage providers Arcus Lending built Rachel in record time by focusing on her chatbot capabilities and digital human user interface at the same time. She’s now online and ready to talk home loans.


Digital John Kirwan

Mentemia’s co-founder, Sir John Kirwan, has a digital twin. DJK can do more than any chatbot can. He’ll guide you to a better night sleep and support your mental health goals using face-to-face conversation.


How do they work?

Our digital humans work with the same technology chatbots are built upon.

Your natural language processing (NLP) engine, knowledge base or chatbot provider creates the basis of the conversation. We integrate with any and all of these platforms, providing a digital human experience while maintaining the speed, efficiency and scalability of your chatbot solution.

It means your chatbot can operate as usual, helping customers who would rather communicate via text. But they also have a more engaging, human-like medium – one that simulates the best parts of human interaction.

For more information, visit our how it works page, or hit the button below and we can take you through it in person.