Make any chatbot

Easily integrate your chatbot into our digital human platform and start seeing your brand in a whole new light – one where customer experience comes first.

89% of users prefer digital human interactions over chatbots.

Digital humans have an average NPS score 5x higher than a standard chatbot.

Digital humans can deliver 4x  more website conversions than chatbots.

What are digital humans?

Did you know 42% of brands say the next development priority for their chatbot is to “create a more human experience”? Welcome to the world of digital humans.

Digital humans take the natural language processing of your chatbot (the IQ) and add EQ – the tone of voice, body language and facial expressions that convey warmth, empathy and friendliness.

Living both online and physically on kiosks, digital humans create a personalized brand experience, giving customers greater, more human interaction than chatbots alone ever could.

Why digital humans?

Embody your brand across your channels

Your organization has a voice, look and style – that’s hard to convey with a chatbot. But, you can embody your brand with a digital human employee.

Add the human touch customers crave

82% of people say they want more human interaction with brands, not less of it. Give them more of what they love, whenever they want it.

Customer journey with added personality

From discovering your brand to ongoing support, your digital human becomes the trusted channel customers turn to for whatever they need.

Create interactions, not just transactions

Don’t just give customers the tools to self serve; give them an experience with an open-ended digital human conversation that could go anywhere.

Your chatbot is essential to the digital workforce

Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting you throw out your chatbot. Quite the opposite, in fact. Your digital human is powered by the conversational AI behind your chatbot, so you’re already on your way to creating a true digital workforce.

What do we mean by that? Currently, there’s a digital divide in customer service, where chatbots are asked to deliver an experience of value, while humans are tasked with doing menial tasks that could be easily automated. 

A digital human bridges that gap. So your chatbot answers questions where speed is important, your staff can focus on the most valuable customer interactions, and your digital human can offer a convenient and engaging experience in between.

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who aren’t adopting something like this, I would strongly advise them to take a look. I absolutely feel that this is the next level of interaction between consumers and businesses.
  • “UneeQ's digital humans are capable of continuously learning how to anticipate our customers' needs and better serve them.”
  • “With our AskZeno chatbot we introduced conversational commerce and an integration point with enterprise collaboration platforms, and we believe UneeQ's digital human is the next evolution of that.”

Getting started – for free

It couldn’t be easier. UneeQ Creator is a platform for designing, developing and deploying your own digital human employees. Choose from our pre-built personas, and decide how your digital human looks, the language they speak, their voice and more.

You can integrate any chatbot to drive the conversation. Or, if you don’t yet have a chatbot, you can start with our native Dialogflow integration.

Create a use case or proof of concept, share with your team and deploy your digital human experience onto a website in just a few clicks – no PhD necessary. 

Oh, and it doesn’t cost a cent. Did we mention that? You can do it all on your free trial!