Salasai X NZFW

The next way to build virtual influence – and they’re already among us.

Billions of dollars are spent on the influencer industry. But influencers aren’t perfect. They aren’t scalable, they can’t be everywhere at once and, on occasion, they get DUIs or do other things that poorly represent the brands they co-opt.

In short, they’re only human—or are they? Salasai is an innovative fashion company with a UneeQ digital human influencer.

Colloquially known as Sophie, the virtual influencer has been featured as the model for Salasai’s Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.

But that’s just the start. Imagine being able to speak with your favourite influencers, ask them advice on how to use the products they are ambassadors for, or even just generally chat with them.

Imagine LeBron James showing you how to lace up your new pair of custom Nikes, before taking you for a shooting lesson all from your mobile phone. It was impossible in the past; but today, digital humans are able to do just that.

In the virtual influencer space, we’re just getting started. And the question isn’t whether this can happen or not, but which celebrities and influencers are going to be among the first to do it.