Mel from Pace, a fully-integrated digital human.

Pace Development Group

Welcome home.

As one of Australia’s leading off-the-plan apartment developers, Pace Development Group knows what it means to be UneeQ. So, we were the perfect partners to build Mel the personal digital human home assistant.

Mel lives in Melbourne’s luxurious Pace of Carnegie apartment complex, even taking her name from Australia’s famous city of culture. She is employed as a personal digital human assistant at the front of house, where she can greet visitors and take deliveries with ease – and with that all-important personal touch. Smart city enablement at its best!

Mel is fully integrated into the building, so if she needs to call an apartment to leave a message, she can use the intercom as a voice assistant. Or should a delivery driver need to drop of a parcel for a resident who’s not home, Mel can unlock and open the doors to Pace of Carnegie’s secure parcel drop-off zone. For a grocery delivery, she unlocks the cold storage room.

She can then send a personalized text message to the resident to tell them the package has arrived, helping residents with everyday living, inside and outside their homes. How many other homes can do that?

Pace used UneeQ’s intelligent digital human platform to design, build and deliver their digital human experience, including brand elements brought to life through persona, face, appearance and voice. She gets her conversational abilities through integration with OutThought’s virtual assistant platform.