IPsoft’s revolutionary artificial intelligence now has the EQ to match her IQ – by being UneeQ.

Amelia has been a household name in the world of enterprise AI the past few years. But in 2020, she took a big step forward. Using our platform, she became a digital human, adding an exciting and essential dimension to what she offers her clients.

Not only is Amelia the world-leading artificial intelligence for enterprises, she now has the personality and EQ to form deeper relationships and connections to users. On our platform, she can deliver the human side of “face to face” conversation – expression, emotion, empathy and understanding – driving deeper customer connection and greater business value.

To highlight one of her many roles, Amelia serves as frontline IT service support for a global telecommunication company and its 20,000 staff members. In her role, she’s had upwards of 80,000 conversations, handled 82% of IT service desk requests, and resolved 70% of requests on her own. With human IT support staff freed up to manage higher-value requests, the client took only 24 months to achieve ROI.

Not a bad resume for any employee. Only Amelia (like all digital humans) never sleeps, works 365 days a year, can speak to virtually infinite people at one time, is fluent in 10 languages, and can learn new business logic and processes immediately – and remember them forever.

Are you interested in turning your AI into a complete digital human experience, or building one that embodies your own brand and values? As we’ve done with Amelia, we’re here to help make that into a reality.