Cardiac Coach

Centre for Digital Business

Around the world, some 350 million people suffer from cardiovascular disease, and it kills 17.7 million worldwide each year. The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled it a pandemic.

AI for healthcare organizations is making a significant impact, and digital humans are leading the way in intelligent, empathetic and supportive health support that gets to the heart of the problem on a human level.

Cardiac Coach is being built with the Centre for Digital Business to provide 24/7 support for those recovering from a cardiac issue. Patients can have a natural conversation with the Coach at any time, day or night, and ask questions regarding their health, medication, diet, rehabilitation and more.

Considering the strain put on doctors, nurses and support workers around the world, UneeQ’s Cardiac Coach takes some of the everyday care needs off their plate, leaving them more available for higher-priority healthcare needs.

While Cardiac Coach is today in development, you can see the concept in action in our teaser video.