Sophie of BMW


The future of driving is now! In any given year, the average American spends more time behind the wheel than they will on annual leave — a huge seven times more.

For innovative car manufacturers like BMW, it’s their job to make sure all those hours are the most comfortable, productive and overall the best experience that’s humanly possible. Or digital humanly possible to be more precise.

UneeQ was commissioned by BMW to imagine a digital human integrated into the new BMW 3 Series, so drivers can get more done from behind the wheel.

Drivers get a personalized experience with their own in-car voice assistant. They can adjust settings with their voice and plan their routes and their days even when sat in traffic.

But most importantly, there’s a human face, voice, and interaction behind all of it, adding to the brand connection you can have with your car. We call it the future of driving—and it’s all about creating customer experiences that really matter to people today.