Making small business banking personal again.

Banking was built on millenia of human-to-human interaction. But, understandably, the sector has entered a world of digitization so banks can serve as many people as quickly as possible.

But what if customers could meet with a digital human, whenever they want, and get the information they need as quickly as possible?

Say hello to Josie, created by UneeQ and ASB. She’s the first human-like interface powered by artificial intelligence to be used in Australasian banking.

Josie is a small-business expert, and can help people start up a company by giving them information face-to-face and through natural conversation.
Launched in 2018, Josie’s knowledge of what’s required when setting up a successful business is always developing with information through human interactions.

Her IQ is amazing, able to hear, understand and respond to questions in less than 100 millisecond, making interactions feel natural.

She’s putting the human touch back into personal banking, and ensures that even in a digital world, ASB personal banking customers can speak with a specialist who fully embodies their brand and values.