All is for All

Fashion without barriers.

What many of us are lucky enough to misunderstand is that technology does not always work to make the world a better place for everyone. In fashion, for example, online shopping is easier for people with disabilities. People who might usually struggle to shop in a physical store can do a whole lot from their computer or device.

But in that, a whole world of human connection is lost in the customer service. Users can’t generally ask a shop assistant for help; nor can they have a conversation around a product. In some case, many people struggle to read about a product in the first place due to accessibility issues.

All is for All is a company committed to making fashion fairer by providing an online store with greater accessibility options than ever before, so people with disabilities can have an experience many of us take for granted.

And All is for All’s UneeQ digital human plays an increasingly visible role in putting a human touch at the centre of the customer experience. Shoppers can listen to a digital human talk about selected garments, explaining how they fit and look for people, say, in a wheelchair.

This is just the first step… watch this space as we help make fashion fairer for all.