Amidst a proliferation of technologies promising to streamline customer service, customer experience has been caught in the cross-fire: there is a perceived conflict between technology and humans; intimacy versus efficiency; empathy versus cost-effectiveness…

However, this conflict is often exaggerated and overstated by media outlets. Instead, it presents an opportunity to innovate and redefine customer experience for all.

Gartner predicts that by the year 2025, 85% of customer interactions will be without a human representative. Coupled to this, 66% of customers change companies following a poor customer experience.

It can’t be emphasised enough; customers need to have a good experience with your company, every time.

Our mission is to ensure that the ‘digitalisation of CX’ is good for the customer and good for business.

CX can be “created”

The best customer experiences are personalised, immediate and delivered with empathy. Regardless of medium; this is what companies should be trying to achieve in every interaction with customers.

If you’re consistently achieving these goals, you’ll start creating personal connections with customers.

And this ‘personal connection’ is what all businesses crave – a personal relationship if you like.

Making good CX replicable 

However, this is no simple task. Especially if you’re a multi-national with thousands of employees and millions of customers.

Providing great customer service can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be…

UneeQ’s Digital Employees are designed to be the most natural, scalable and versatile conversational platform in the world.

They can also be implemented across all of your customer-facing channels. Whether that’s phone calls, emails, web chat… whatever; Digital Employees can manage all interactions in a manner that is personalised, immediate and empathetic.

This means that businesses have access to an exciting new platform that creates relationships with customers – at scale. And at a fraction of the cost of employing, monitoring and training a large customer-facing workforce.

Customer experience is highly competitive. There are no longer second-chances for companies following a bad experience.

This is why it’s crucial that businesses have as much control over the customer experience as possible.

It’s all about customization 

Digital Employees offer this control, by enabling businesses to customise their very own virtual employee; in look, tone and dialogue.

Digital Employees can be trained to provide a consistent customer experience, no matter the platform.

Imagine calling a bank, sending an email, chatting online; and always dealing with the same personality. No having to repeat your query; no wasted time.

Accenture found that 89% of customers get frustrated if they have to repeat themselves to multiple representatives.

With Digital Employees, you’re able to eliminate this frustration.

But more than that, Digital Employees are a personality; a helper and eventually… a friend.

Sceptical? Heard of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana?

These AI-powered assistants are already becoming more than just tools. They are developing personalities and people are becoming attached to them.

This transition from AI tool to AI friend is already happening. And this is a trend that will only increase in the coming years.

A 2017 study found that 37% of voice technology users, “love their voice assistant so much that they wish it were a real person.”

For companies, what could be more valuable than a personality that customers actually look forward to interacting with?

Will customers spend more? Yes. Will they be more loyal? Yes.

It’s no secret that customers who feel valued and listened to by companies – have increased loyalty and buy more.

Digital Employees are changing the game. No longer will customers dread contacting your company; they’ll happily engage, and enjoy the quick and helpful service.

This comes as 72% of users want brands to have unique voices and personalities for their apps.

UneeQ offer brands the opportunity to create a unique voice and personality; and to foster relationships with customers at scale.

Real improvements in CX

To summarise, we’re just at the cusp of what is possible with omni-channel digital assistants.

As the technology improves, digital personalities will continue to become ‘more real’ until digital CX blends with traditional customer service.

This will result in customers starting to prefer digital assistants as they become more reliable, consistent, helpful and friendly.

Eventually, the focus will not be on ‘channels’, but providing seamless experiences that bring customers even closer to businesses.

And this will benefit both customers and companies alike.