Today, we launched our UneeQ Creator platform for designing, developing and deploying digital human employees. But what is UneeQ Creator, what’s involved and what can you do to take your conversational AI innovations to the next (more human) level?

What is UneeQ Creator?

UneeQ Creator is the world’s first public platform that allows anyone to build a digital human employee of their very own. In short, the launch of Creator means our digital human artificial intelligence technology is now in your hands – whatever problems you’re trying to solve and irregardless of the size of your organization.

If you’re a global enterprise looking to build a digital workforce, our digital human platform is a great place to experiment with a proof of concept. Or, if you’re a small business with a very specific use case for digital human innovation, you can conceptualize your ideas with our free trial.

It’s up to you and your imagination how you use digital humans. But, to get those creative juices flowing, here are five things you can do today on our digital human Creator platform.

Five things you can do on UneeQ Creator – right now

1. Design your first (or next) digital employee

Creating your digital human employee is split into three sections – design, develop and deploy. So, the only place to begin is to start designing.

Our templates and tools let you choose how your digital human looks, the language they speak, their voice and the environment they’ll live in. You can give your new digital employee a name, and start a conversation with them right away.

Keep an eye on our Creator platform because we’ll be adding new presets, features and digital human personas all the time, so you can find a look that suits your brand.

2. Speak to your brand

And while we’re talking about your brand, have you ever thought about how it sounds when embodied on a conversational AI platform – when you can talk to your brand in human form?

You can do this right now on Creator. If you use a conversational platform – a natural language processing NLP technology – you can use our developer docs and guides to integrate it into your Creator experience. If you’re yet to use such a platform, you can get started with Google Dialogflow natively within Creator.

Your digital human creation will now be on script. Ask him or her the questions your end users ask to your business’ chatbot or other conversational AI, and hear your virtual employee speak the answers.

But that’s just the start. Did you know only 7% of great conversation is verbal? The other 93% is made up of non-verbal communication – facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. So, you’ll want to make sure your digital human responds to certain answers with the right emotional responses, too.

This is where we get into the realm of behavior tagging. Check out our video guide below and you’ll be emoting with your users in no time.

3. Build a use case or proof of concept

So far, so good. But what do you do with all this design and development? We’ll soon show you how to share your work among your peers; but first, you’ll want to make sure you’ve built a use case to really showcase to people. 

If you’d like some inspiration, you can see case studies of digital humans employed today, to get a feel for your options. Of course, you may have an incredible idea that’s never been done before – digital human teaching assistants, elderly conversation companions, anything your imagination can conceive.

The best place to start is outlining the problems you’re trying to solve. For example:

  • Improving engagement and the experience customers have online
  • Making better brand experiences through embodiment
  • Creating around-the-clock customer service and demand generation 
  • Creating an emotionally impactful experience for users
  • Or something else entirely.

Start by outlining your high-level goal, and making sure you’re solving a real problem – the only way to exceptional CX.

Then, take one of those problems and create a conversation around it, either in DialogFlow or your own conversational platform. It can be a really simple question-and-answer session at this stage; you’re just building a proof of concept at the moment. But aim to solve your problem from the get-go.

4. Show your boss – or anyone else for that matter

Once you’ve completed the design and development of your new digital human, it’s time to show people your work – it’s time to deploy.

Within the Creator platform, you’ll find a link to share [insert your digital human name here]. Just copy and paste or email it to whomever you like. They’ll be sent to a live conversation with your digital human, so they can see your work, test out your proof of concept and (hopefully) be blown away.

You can take a look at our pricing options and choose the plan that suits your vision and budget. Remember, you can always give us a shout if you need answers, support or any other form of assistance.

5. Scale, scale, scale

Your boss is all in! He or she has approved the budget for your first (or next) digital human. High five! Now let’s scale.

You can take your concept into a full Creator experience, through one of our subscription plans, which puts your digital human on your chosen platform. We’ll provide access to our APIs and SDKs so you can easily integrate your digital human employee and put them in front of virtually any number of users.

And remember, our support team will be on hand (if you need them) to get your digital human on your website, kiosk or app in no time.

Start your free trial

The place where all this starts is with your free trial of UneeQ Creator. You don’t need to give credit card information, there’s no strings attached, nor will we automatically put you on a plan after your digital human free trial ends. You’ll just have a period of unfettered Creator creation on us.

Ready to get going? Click here and start your free trial. It’s as easy as that.