UneeQ will proudly participate in the inaugural Digital Humans Day event hosted by Trends Exchange, coming July 14, 2020, 2:00PM CST.

Digital Humans Day 2020 is a free virtual event to highlight the latest conversational artificial intelligence (AI) trends and their impact across branding, customer experience, and much more.

Attendees can explore how organizations are using digital humans and conversational AI to significantly change buyer behaviors and create new brand experiences across multiple verticals – including retail, healthcare, technology, retail banking, among others.

With the accelerated move towards contactless customer interactions and fully digital experiences, global brands are investing millions into designing and hiring AI-powered digital human employees. Until now, the emerging technology (predicted to grow into a $17B industry) has previously been isolated to large enterprise organizations. However, Digital Humans Day 2020 will demystify this practice and showcase how companies of all sizes can take full advantage of digital human employees.

Who’s speaking at Digital Humans Day?

The first-ever industry event also has a stacked roster of presenters and panelists lined up, including:

  • Richard Socher: Chief Scientist and EVP at Salesforce
  • Lovina McMurchy: former Amazon and Microsoft executive
  • Jabari Simmons: VP of Customer Experience Innovations with Verizon
  • David Lykken: Founder and President of Transformational Mortgage Solutions
  • Sennai Atsbeha: Global Brand Manager, formerly Beats by Dre, Nike, and Disney

The line-up purposefully covers a huge range of arenas in which digital humans play. Attendees will hear first-person experience on the impact of digital humans in brand marketing, customer experience, customer service, influencer marketing, and much more.

Why should you attend Digital Humans Day?

Digital humans are already among us, but Founder of Trends Exchange, QuHarrison Terry, says today’s brands need a simplified approach to employing digital humans – and kindly shouted-out the UneeQ platform as a way to do that.

“Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing trends we’ve been tracking over the last five years, but many companies have yet to fully grasp how to implement and find a clear return on investment,” he begins.

“Within the current environment, companies like UneeQ are simplifying the experience and democratizing the technology for organizations of all sizes to adopt and embrace.”

Also speaking will be UneeQ’s Founder and CEO, Danny Tomsett, who’ll be covering the market opportunities of employing digital humans in the workforce – particularly during the time we currently find ourselves in.

“The world has changed rapidly in 2020 and the evolution of digital interfaces is being accelerated as companies are re-thinking how they remain relevant and connected with their customers. Forward-thinking brands will evolve to create impactful customer interactions at scale using digital humans.

“These new digital experiences, powered by conversational and emotional AI, change the game on how brands become relevant again by talking with their customers and not at them. The ROI potential when getting this right is huge.”

How do you attend Digital Humans Day?

Digital Humans Day 2020 is a free-to-attend event for anyone who wants to learn about the quickly growing technology.

You can find out more and register to attend at www.digitalhumansday.com, or click the link below.

Register here for Digital Humans Day 2020