UneeQ announces its latest success with major multinational telecommunications conglomerate, Singtel, to launch digital human employee Stella.

Designed to provide a more personalized, contact-free retail experience, Stella serves as Singtel’s state-of-the-art 5G virtual retail assistant across its new unmanned UNBOXED pop-up stores. A new form of conversational AI in the telecommunications industry, Stella the digital human offers a more human experience to customers.

Through advanced artificial intelligence, natural language processing, a friendly tone of voice, human-like facial expressions and body language, Stella engages and assists customers through a wide array of retail and account management transactions. Whether customers are navigating which mobile phone plan is right for them or purchasing a new device, Stella is available via the UNBOXED store’s interactive self-serve kiosks, 24 hours a day.

The integration of digital shopping kiosks paired with digital human employees like Stella, are driving contactless shopping innovation without giving up the meaningful conversations and personalized experiences that consumers encounter in a traditional retail setting. 

“UneeQ is excited to be part of a retail transformation strategy where we’ve combined the potential of 5G and artificial intelligence to create a game changer in customer self-service,” said Danny Tomsett, CEO and Founder of UneeQ.

“The world is experiencing rapid change and the need for engaging self-service experiences has become a critical need. Singtel has demonstrated world-leading vision and execution combining brand experience and convenient customer service. We believe this to be the future of retail.”

Stella is equipped to handle end-to-end customer interactions through friendly AI conversation, an extensive product knowledge base and a warm smile. Powered by Singtel’s state-of-the-art 5G, UneeQ and Singtel are truly offering customers an engaging shopping experience like no other. 

“With the pandemic placing so much pressure on companies to maintain operations while employees are working remotely, we are seeing a significant increase in digital employee interest within customer service and sales assistance, especially in the retail industry,” said Tomsett.

“By anchoring an exclusive digital human personality throughout the customer journey, progressive companies are able to build better relationships with customers at every touch point, while also clearly differentiating their service.”

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