Did you know 71% of people in the US say they’d still rather speak to a human over the convenience of speaking to a chatbot. We say, why not both – convenience and personality? Welcome to the world of digital humans.

What used to take months to design, develop and deploy can now be done in minutes with UneeQ Creator – our digital human employee creation experience.

We’re going to run through how you create a digital human employee, from signing up, to integrating your conversation platform, to more intricate details like making your digital human show empathy, happiness and other emotional responses.

What is UneeQ Creator?

If you’re unsure what UneeQ Creator is, you can get a good idea from the video below, or head here to find more information.

As a quick overview, UneeQ Creator is the world’s first publicly available platform that lets you design, develop and deploy digital human employees. Our free trial experience gives you the freedom to experiment, share your ideas and establish how your digital human employees will work.

If you need a primer on why you might like to sign up and start creating, we’ve also covered five things you can do on Creator today.

What you’ll need to get started

You don’t need anything prepared to get started with UneeQ Creator. However, if you use a conversational platform (like Dialogflow, Watson or any other), you can plug this into Creator and start talking to your digital human as you would your chatbot or virtual assistant.

If this interests you but you don’t use a conversational platform, you can start simply with Dialogflow – also available on a free trial – and we’ll show you how to integrate that below.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. How to get started with UneeQ Creator

Here’s an end-to-end walkthrough of the basic UneeQ Creator process, from signing up to launching your first digital human experience.

2. How to integrate Dialogflow into UneeQ Creator

To see what your brand sounds like, you’ll need to integrate your conversational platform. We run through how you can do this using Dialogflow.

3. How to use behavior tagging in UneeQ Creator 

Your digital human employee is able to show emotional reactions to certain responses. The way to do this is through simple behavior tagging. Here’s how to give your digital human personalized emotional responses.

The behavior tags you can use today are:

  • Happy
  • Excited
  • Joking
  • Empathetic
  • Agreeing
  • Enquiring

4) How to deploy your digital human

When it comes time to deploy your digital human on your website, you won’t need any coding or dev experience. You can use our hosted experience and do it in just a few clicks. This pre-built UX option is found under the “deploy” section of UneeQ Creator. 

Alternatively, you can deploy using your own custom integration, where you and your dev team can use our SDKs to control every aspect of your experience. The choice is yours.

Not yet a UneeQ Creator?

If you’ve not already started building your first (or next) digital human employee, click the link below and start your free trial – no commitment, credit card, nor PhD in computer science necessary.