NOTE: This post contains outdated information. For updated information on the UneeQ Hosted Experience please click here.


We’re excited to share with you a new “hosted experience” on UneeQ Creator – a pre-built user experience (UX) tool that makes it super easy to launch a digital human experience onto a website in minutes, without requiring any custom development.

You’ll find the hosted experience option under the “deploy” section of UneeQ Creator. On top of that, our “build your own” experience option gives full control of every element of your digital human UX.

Let’s dive into what’s new.

What is the UneeQ Creator hosted experience?

Hosted experience is our fully hosted conversation experience. This means you now have a quick and streamlined process for adding some basic branding and user experience design elements to your digital human interactions – and can deploy on your website with ease.

Once you’ve connected your conversation platform and have refined your content in Try Mode, you’re ready to deploy your digital human to your website using our hosted experience. You can see how to get to the point of deployment, step by step, via our UneeQ Creator walkthrough videos

Here are three steps to creating your UX using our hosted experience.

1. Put your brand front and centre

We’ve added some simple branding design elements to your digital human experience. Very shortly, you’ll be able to add your brand logo to your experience. 

You can also change the color of many of the UX elements to match your brand using a HEX code. This color will be used by the end conversation, settings and the “type something” elements.

And during this first step you can decide where your users will go after they decide to stop interacting. Just add a URL to your chosen page and continue the customer journey.

2. Add your messaging

Your brand has a voice, and you’ll want that to come through at every touchpoint. So, you can now choose the wording that leads users into your digital human experience. You might want to use this opportunity to explain to users what they can expect from their interaction with your digital human.

It’s simple to customize; just add new start screen messaging that suits your brand’s tone and style. You can also add a custom error message – just in case something goes awry.

3. Launch easily on your website

The final (and perhaps our favorite) part of the hosted experience is a new ability to launch your digital human on your website.

You may want to do this on a new webpage custom made for this interaction – on a staging version of your website, for example. All you need to do then is let us know the URL of the webpage on which you want to host your digital human experience. 

We’ll generate an embed code, which you can copy into the head section of the new webpage. And bingo – you’re good to go, and can start sharing your conversational creation with others.

How to take more control with our custom UX option

For those with more technical resources on hand, you now have the option to take control of every element of your digital human user experience through our “build your own” function. 

This gives you access to our SDKs, with which you can implement your own custom user experience, leveraging your integrations to provide a dynamic experience that fits into your product ecosystem.

Getting started with our digital human UX tools

If you haven’t already, you can try all of the above via your UneeQ Creator free trial. This gives you the ability to design, develop and deploy your digital human, so you can build a use case or proof of concept and test the technology before making a commitment.

Should you need help along the way, our customer success team is on hand. Just reach out to them within UneeQ Creator’s “contact” section. Remember, you can also access our developer docs and code examples if you’d like a bit more guidance.

So, ready to get going and try our hosted experience for yourself? You can sign up for your free trial to UneeQ Creator at any time.