As we continue to build out UneeQ Creator – our platform for designing, developing and deploying your own digital human employees – we’d like to share with you a couple of our latest features designed to make your digital human experiences better.

When we launched UneeQ Creator in 2020, we did so with the intention of helping brands create a digital human experience as quickly and as easily as possible. Integrating your NLP, choosing a digital human personality and finding proof of concept with data – all are core parts of the Creator experience.

So, as we build out the capabilities of the UneeQ Creator platform, we do so with the aim of making all these things bigger and better. This latest Creator update includes:

  • New native integration to Amazon Lex NLP
  • New synthetic voices from WellSaid Labs
  • A new analytics dashboard
  • A new digital human persona for Pro and Enterprise users

All of these updates are live, and (depending on your plan) can be accessed by logging in to UneeQ Creator. Let’s dive into some details.

Our new native Lex integration

To really bring your brand to life through UneeQ Creator, you’ll need to connect your chosen conversational platform. We aim to make that as easy as possible by natively integrating the most popular NLP and conversational platforms into the Creator experience.  

So, to accompany our existing out-of-the-box integration with Google Dialogflow, we’ve also introduced native support for Amazon Lex. This allows you to connect your Lex platform without having to write any code.

We’ve found this is the best possible way to begin your digital human innovation journey – whether you’re experimenting with a POC or building your first digital human. Connecting your NLP lets you instantly level up your chatbot, and start to see and hear what your brand sounds like as a digital human employee.

However, UneeQ Creator connects to virtually any chatbot, knowledge base or NLP. So if you use a different platform, our team is always available to lend a hand. Just reach out through the “Contact” section on UneeQ Creator.

WellSaid synthetic voices are now available

Over the past few months, we’ve sought your feedback on what you want to see on UneeQ Creator, and the importance of a digital human’s voice has certainly been a common feature.

Your character needs to sound like a real human in order to really connect with your customers or other end users.

So as well as Google and Amazon Polly synthetic voice options, we’re delighted to now also offer the awesome synthetic voices from WellSaid Labs. You can try these out right now and choose the best voice for your brand and digital human persona.

See more with your new analytics dashboard

Also introduced by popular demand, we’d like to share with you our analytics dashboard feature.

On the analytics dashboard, you can see a range of metrics to help you better understand how your users have interacted with your digital human persona(s) over a time period of your choice. These include:

  • Total sessions
  • Session duration
  • The total number of questions/interactions per session
  • Sessions that included a digital human interaction
  • Sessions where access to the microphone or camera were denied

You can also split your data across different devices and personas, to see individually the breakdown for either. Or you can include all these data source points for comparison purposes – for instance, which persona has had a greatest number of interactions or on which device users spent the longest time.

From here, you can export any analytics view into PDF, CSV or SVG files, for your own reporting purposes.

You can find your analytics dashboard on the main navigation in your UneeQ Creator experience.

Introducing “Anna” – your new digital human persona?

And finally, let us introduce you to our latest digital human persona available through UneeQ Creator. We’ve internally referred to her as Anna; but, of course, you can choose her name should you pick her as one of your personas.

Available to Pro and Enterprise plan customers – as well as on your free trial – “Anna” comes with three different style options, ranging from a professional look to a more casual style. 

Ultimately, she exists as part of an ever-growing range of “stock” digital humans, and you can choose the one you feel the most affinity towards or best fitting to your brand.

To select her, just go to the “Personas” section in UneeQ Creator, click the edit button and switch out one of your personas. If you’ve already connected your NLP, this will carry over into your new persona, meaning you can start talking to Anna right away.

Getting started with UneeQ Creator

To see the latest updates to your UneeQ Creator experience first hand, you can login here.

Or, if you’d like to see this and much more in action today, you can start your UneeQ Creator free trial. Need help getting started? Check out some of our resources below, including:

If any questions crop up along the way, we’re here to help. Just reach out through the “Contact” section in UneeQ Creator. Happy Creating!