We’re proud to announce our latest project launch, a collaboration with mental wellbeing platform, Mentemia, to transform famous New Zealand rugby player, Sir John Kirwan, into the world’s first digital human mental health coach called Digital JK – or DJK.

Through advanced conversational artificial intelligence, natural language processing, a friendly tone of voice and human-like facial expressions, DJK serves as a personalized wellbeing coach. He’s designed to help individuals cope with some of the most common stressors individuals experience in the modern connected world today, such as poor sleep, anxiety and stress.

Digital humans, whether cloned or uniquely created, are designed with the best of humanity in mind. One of those elements is through the embodiment of conversational AI. Digital humans have a unique capability of building emotional connections with people, which leads to rapport and the creation of trust. In fact, a recent Oracle survey of over 12,000 employees found that 82% of people believe AI can support their mental health better than humans. And 68% stated they preferred to speak to AI versus their manager about stress and anxiety at work.

“At UneeQ we are passionate about our tech being used to positively impact people’s lives,” said Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ.

“It ‘s been a privilege to work alongside Mentemia as they bring DJK to life. Digital humans are consistently increasing engagement for our customers, but one of the most interesting discoveries is how they help overcome the fear of judgement. Conversations that center around personal mental health can often be stigmatized and it becomes hard to openly share one’s feelings with others. This is where digital humans as a starting interaction can thrive.”

Mentemia’s personalized digital wellbeing coach merges machine-learning and AI with human-like qualities and interactions to offer engaging, empathetic, meaningful conversation and advice to users. Available to premium users, individuals can engage and interact with DJK, which is able to leverage current and previous conversations to offer personalized advice, suggestions and tactics to help users home in on what is and isn’t working for them.

The digital coach can even encourage people to seek out a professional mental health specialist when needed.

“It’s well known there is a huge need for mental wellbeing support and using digital solutions is one of the most effective and efficient ways to reach as many people as possible,” says Sir John Kirwan, co-founder of Mentemia.

“Digital humans are not a replacement for real therapists, but AI is a really important part of the future of mental wellbeing. We hope, through DJK, our users will see the potential of how AI can support their mental wellbeing in the future.”

DJK, and other digital humans alike, are part of a new AI workforce being employed by organizations around the world to positively impact customer experiences, drive new brand loyalty and improve overall human interactions. Particularly within healthcare, conversational AI in digital humans can source in-depth knowledge to help triage and provide medical literacy. The help DJK provides is backed by science, pulling his expertise from hundreds of sources as well as the applied knowledge of Mentemia’s clinicians and psychological experts.

“We’ve already deployed Mentemia’s revolutionary digital wellbeing coach as a sleep coach to help people develop and maintain better sleeping patterns and routines,” said Adam Clark, CEO and co-founder of Mentemia.

“We can’t wait to expand to other core wellbeing areas in the coming months and help individuals continue to discover what makes them feel more energized, more productive and better equipped for whatever the world throws at them.”