Artificial intelligence (AI) in retail is becoming a key trend in customer service. Retailers are now using digital humans to deliver faster, more personalized experiences while utilizing on-the-ground employees increasingly effectively.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in retail is becoming a key trend in customer service. Retailers are now using digital humans to deliver faster, more personalized experiences while utilizing on-the-ground employees more effectively. 

Typically, the use of AI in retail has boiled down to chatbots collecting information and directing customer queries with generic responses.

Now, UneeQ is enabling retailers to create custom AI-powered brand ambassadors that can capture the best aspects of human interaction – tone, conversation and expression – to drive emotional connection. 

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In essence, retailers can create a ‘clone’ of their ideal representative to aid customers with all different types of queries, and that digital representative can easily be scaled and made available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

4 key benefits of using ai-powered digital humans in retail

#1. Improve pre-sales and post-sales experience

From beginning to end, UneeQ’s digital humans can create a tailored customer experience, online on any device (even in cars!), or in a kiosk at a physical location. Digital humans can learn individual customers’ behavior to provide them with more personalized and meaningful service by adapting to the four types of learning styles.

Digital humans learn on the job and one which is well-trained can even suggest products or services to the individual that fit with their interests and previous behavior patterns.

In addition, when it comes to resolving post-sale issues, digital humans can read emotions and escalate customers over to human employees at the right time. 

#2. Deliver faster and more consistent customer service

Customers often get frustrated with long hold times, poor product explanations online, or a lack of physical staff to talk to in bricks and mortar retail locations.

Ultimately, customers are becoming more demanding and expect faster service. Today’s retail consumer is also much more acquainted with online communication methods. UneeQ’s digital humans can provide instant personalized customer service that is always consistent.

Digital humans always have a positive attitude and they never call in sick or need to take days off. They are the scalable employee retailers can always count on.

#3. Use human talent more effectively, operate more efficiently

Do you ever feel like human talent is being wasted doing transactional tasks? Digital humans allow retailers to operate more efficiently while using human employees for mission-critical customer inquiries and action items.

Additionally, with the ability to operate on a near-infinite scale, digital humans can improve the overall effectiveness of a retail operation both online and in-store, by helping to meet high customer demand at a low cost.

#4. Improve branding

UneeQ’s digital humans also allow retailers to completely embody their brand and design their own ‘perfect’ employee. The digital human can reflect the branding of a company through its tone of voice, aesthetic look and personalized responses to customer queries.

Digital humans can also be trained to match any overarching company communication policy, handling situations and customer interactions in the same way as any other employee.

The best part is, the digital human will always remember their training and deliver on-brand messaging consistently.

Your Questions About AI & Retail Answered

What are the advantages of digital humans in retail?

Using digital humans in the retail industry provides a number of advantages to both retailers and customers:

  • Faster, always-on customer service 
  • Scalable to near-infinite customers across any device
  • Available to users 24/7
  • Complete brand embodiment (design your own employee)
  • Personalizable in the words he or she says to customers
  • Discover more complete communication through body language and tone of voice
  • Greater access to those who can’t, or find it difficult to, type and read
  • Emotional connection with customers

How can digital human chatbots change the retail industry?

Juniper Research recently released an estimate that every year until 2023 retail sales from chatbot-based interactions will double. Currently, there are about 2.6 billion retail chatbot interactions annually. By 2023, this is expected to rise to a huge 22 billion.

In addition, as chatbots become more sophisticated when dealing with customers, retailers will see major cost savings by being ‘always-on’. In fact, again by 2023, it’s anticipated that the retail industry will be able to cut costs by about $439 billion dollars a year by leveraging chatbot technologies.

These insights can demonstrate the impact digital humans will make on the retail industry. Ultimately, those retailers who are late adopters are likely to be left behind their rivals as chatbots and digital humans become the expected form of interaction for a majority of consumers.

Do consumers prefer digital human chatbots?

UneeQ’s digital humans can help overcome some of the main issues consumers face when using a standard chatbot. Digital humans can thoroughly understand the intent and emotions behind consumer questions and requests, while delivering the information in a significantly more engaging manner.

Many consumers prefer non-human interaction when shopping online, but digital humans can ultimately bridge the gap between the lack of engagement some retailers see with conventional chatbots, and the expense of answering all customer queries with a customer service representative.

In conclusion, AI in retail is becoming a dominant part of delivering superior customer service to ever-more expectant and demanding consumers. Digital humans should be a consideration for any retailer looking to establish a competitive advantage and solve customer issues at scale.

As the insights from Juniper Research suggest, we’re entering an age in which customers will expect effective, tailored interactions with retailers, and digital humans look set to be a key part of that landscape.

Examples of Digital Humans in Retail for 2020

The Concierge

A personalized experience for every customer.

  • Reception desk registrations made easy
  • Streamline check-in processes at resorts and hotels

The Retail Assistant

Individual assistance for shoppers.

  • Expert on-tap answers to FAQs
  • Product advice and recommendations

The Digital Security Officer

Improving the safe passage of infrastructure users.

  • Assisting passengers with FAQs at airport security checkpoints

Benefits of Chatbots for Retail: Build Customer Engagement

No Judgement

Customers avoid talking to a person when they feel they might be judged, but they know a digital human won’t judge them as how we talk with computers evolves

Available Immediately

Digital humans are always available immediately, regardless of demand

‘Super Brain’

Access thousands of answers, just one question away

Available Anywhere 24/7

Digital humans are available on any channel: Web, mobile, or in-branch, even outside of business hours

Retail Chatbots for Customer Satisfaction & Consistency


Digital humans never have a bad day or a bad attitude and they always provide consistent answers to your customers


Digital humans can read emotion in a way other digital channels can’t, using this information to deliver better service


You only need to train your fleet of digital humans once, they will always be consistent and never forget


Digital humans can scale infinitely to meet high demand at low cost

Customer Experience Analytics

Use emotional and conversation analytics to understand what is working with your customers

Achieve What Chat Can’t: Build Brand Value, Loyalty & Trust


Convenient access to an endless number of customers around the clock

Embody Your Brand

Create powerful customer experience that will embody your brand and increase value in a digital world


Differentiate your brand from others in a digital-first world through personalized experiences that increase your NPS


Face-to-face encounters are more effective in building trust and can make all the difference in closing a sale or customers taking your advice


Provide highly customized interactions with customers in real time – creating valuable emotional connection that will drive loyalty