Last October, we launched our pre-built user interface (UI) for deploying your digital human experiences via UneeQ Creator.

This “hosted experience” is the easiest way to launch your digital human, making it super simple to deploy your experience onto a website in minutes, without requiring any custom development.

At the same time, we introduced a “build your own” feature, which gives you and your development teams more creative freedom over the UI, albeit with more technical skills needed.

We’re happy to be able to build on this with our new open-source digital human React frontend, to help your development team get started deploying your own custom UI.

What is the UneeQ open-source UI?

This white-label frontend uses our uneeq-js SDK and React. This codebase serves as an example for developers to build their own frontend project, step by step.

It allows you to do more custom deployments, as well as giving developers a head start on developing their more complex digital human use cases.

The React frontend was built with the help of P22 Studio – a software design and engineering studio, and one of our fantastic technology partners. We’d like to give them a special shout-out for their awesome work.

Please be aware that this codebase is provided as example code only, to help our customers get started. It’s a foundation you may wish to build upon. It will not be systematically updated and supported in the same way as our digital human platform (UneeQ Creator) is. It’s simply an open-source codebase you and your teams may wish to make your own.

What are the benefits?

This codebase will allow your teams to create a white-label frontend to your digital human projects. With that comes a great deal more flexibility in control over your digital human user interface and user experience.

Using this codebase, you can customize your welcome UI, add video content explaining what camera and microphone permissions are needed from the user, and add your own brand flourishes in terms of what colors and fonts are used.

You can also include visual overlays as you see fit, making them contextual to the conversation your user is having with your digital human. This includes markdown formatting, videos, images and hyperlinked text. You can save these items; and you can also download transcripts.

The codebase gives you the freedom to pose “suggested responses” to your users. You can utilize these to guide the conversation somewhat, encourage users down a happy path, or provide more context and information as the conversation might need.

What skills are needed to make the most of this codebase?

Our open-source UI is a foundation your team can start with, so they will need some technical skills to build from there. 

Your developers will benefit from having React experience or frontend application experience in particular.

We can help you source third-party development assistance through our partner portal, should you wish to use a custom frontend but are lacking the in-house technical skills to do so.

Just visit our Partner Directory, or get in touch for more help and information.

How do you get access?

Being an open-source codebase, this UI is freely available and yours to use. Just click here to go to our GitLab repository and find all you need to get started.

If you have not yet started to experiment with digital humans in your workforce, a free trial of UneeQ Creator is a great place to start.

Not only can you design, develop and deploy your own digital human employee, you can see if our pre-built UI is right for you, or whether your project and use case require a more custom approach. Just click below to get started.