We love the simplicity and automaticity of the human-to-gadget relationship. And yet – Apple has shared a very interesting insight – we can’t help but want to find out more about ‘her’ humanity. We ask about everything from Siri’s favourite colour to how she feels about her nemesis Google. Why is that? Because even in this digital age, we’re all still hardwired for connection and experience.

There is little doubt that our future is being influenced in a major way by next gen technology. Companies will need to revisit their sustainable differentiation against the backdrop of commoditization and many agree that their key strategy will be based around customer experience. What companies do to make their customers’ lives easier and creating memorable experiences is often the deciding factor in how likely those same customers are to recommend you or become ‘repeat business’.

In future, the deciding factor won’t be what you do, but rather how you do it. The companies that will keep winning in future will be those that know how to associate their brand with meaningful experiences for their customers. They will acknowledge that life admin is a major inconvenience; that time is precious; that people want to feel valued as a customer and this requires remembering them and treating them as an individual. This is where harnessing next generation AI is going to be key, so that this kind of experience can be possible at the scale and convenience required.

Trust has shifted

“Trust us – we are a Global Enterprise with 5000 branches in 10 countries.” Ask yourself, do you make decisions now based on the size of a building or what other customers/friends say about an organization? The trust landscape has significantly changed and this disruption is well and truly a reality for many enterprises.

Today’s consumers are highly connected social networkers with access to public and private reviews on almost any company. How they treat customers is avidly read. Sites like Hello Peter have swayed millions when it comes to NPS – as reported by consumers.  

Smart companies already understand that growth and retention come from creating amazing customer experiences. The execution challenge is how to meet the growing customer expectation of immediacy and simplicity, but not reducing this to a commoditized, transactional service.

Am I a customer or a number?

We all hate it, yet so many companies are still making life admin so painful – treating customers like they are anonymous, having them prove they are a customer and that their problem is genuine and then handing them to someone else to repeat the same process.

Today’s customers expect to be known and want a personalised interaction. The solution can be found in our humanity and the power of conversation. Conversation enables so much more than just a transaction because it can be friendly, personalized, informative and most importantly – through conversation, we can show we value someone just by remembering who they are and what they like.

Digital Employees can help companies ensure customers walk away from each and every interaction feeling confident that a company is working hard to show they value them as a customer.  It’s why UneeQ invests so much creative energy into our AI technology, humanizing the digital experience. We want every customer interaction to be one that is highly efficient and shows individualized value.

As the future approaches, make sure your priority is customer experience. Anything less simply won’t be enough in tomorrow’s world of business.